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Cool Links & Stuff

1964 TR20, Triumph Tiger Cub
Teardrop Trailer
Land Rovers
Cool Links & Stuff

Most Admired
All time hero: - Steve McQeen

"If I hadn't made it as an actor, I might have wound up a hood. "

Link to Steve McQeen site

Favorite Links

Tiger Cub Forum

Steve Aikens' Cubsite, a must for Cub fans.

LINK to my Cub on the Cubsite Forum.

Land Rover Stage One V8 Page

Check out this guy's Stage One Photo gallery.

Click here to see 'Anything Tiger Cubs'Photo Album

Teardrop & Tiny Touring Trailers Web Site


Land Rover, Series III 109 V8 Stage One -Register

Here is a good reference to Tyre Info, something you didn't know and didn't know where to look.

Frank Turner. You Are My Sunshine